Custom Mac OS X screenshots location and format

Default screenshots location on Macs is your Desktop which is not very convenient. After a few months, it will look (probably always) like one big mess with a lot of random files scattered around. Wouldn't be great to store all your screenshots in one place?

Custom location

In order to adjust screenshot location follow these steps:

  1. Open terminal
  2. Execute (you may adjust location by changing the last part with path ~/Documents/Screenshots to fit your needs):
defaults write location ~/Documents/Screenshots

NOTE: Target directory has to exist before executing that command, this is an advice from my personal experience.

  1. Execute to apply changes:
killall SystemUIServer
  1. It's done

Custom format

A custom file format can be set in a way similar to a custom location, just in step 2 execute:

defaults write type jpg

You may adjust type jpg to suit your needs here is a list of available values: jpg, gif, pdf, png, tiff.