Dry-validation custom error messages

While defining custom errors is described in the official documentation I had a few issues. Here are my findings.

First of all i18n integration and custom messages requires you to restart the dev server it's important. You should do a restart after making any changes in the yaml file. It seems that dry-validation caches somehow all the error messages, which is quite annoying if you are unsure how to properly structure your translations file.

Combining namespaces and i18n is not as straight forward as you may expect. Here is the example:

Yaml file with translations

    # default messages for this locale
    filled?: This field shouldn't be blank
    str?: Something about the string requirement

      # namespaced messages
      note: # namespace name
          content: # checked field name
            filled?: Namespaced message

Code which uses this translations

schema = Dry::Validation.Form do
  configure {
    config.namespace = :note
    config.messages = :i18n

schema.call(params.to_unsafe_h).messages(locale: I18n.default_locale)
# expected result: {:content => ["Namespaced message"]}

While using i18n integration with a Rails application there is no need to provide custom yaml file path with:

schema = Dry::Validation.Form do
  configure { config.messages_file = '/path/to/my/errors.yml' }

The custom error messages will be loaded like any other translations from your config/locales/[any-name].yml file.


These are just my findings during integration with existing Rails App I may be mistaken at some points (or maybe even all of them). So be careful if you try to follow this path.